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Glowforge® Laser Head Ribbon Cable


We have found this to be a major issue with Glowforge®  lasers. The main cable to the laser that rides in the gantry has been known to wear from contact with the textured paint. These are certified made cables and of the best quality. This can seem like a daunting repair, but its not to bad once you get in there. If you have any questions and have purchased a cable from us we will be happy to help with any install questions.

Here is a video for replacing the cable hope it helps and feel free to message us with any questions.

On any extra shipping cost we can't guarantee the shipping dates. We will get the cable shipped same day so long we have all the info but cant honor receive by dates. The USPS does NOT honor the shipping dates to Hawaii or Alaska. Me make sure your order goes out on time but after that we can not refund any shipping.

Now offering a kit with The t10 Driver needed, and Polymer tape to put on the upper rail to protect and keep the rail from damaging the ribbon cable again.

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Choose: Cable